About Elastec

1990 in Crossville, Illinois, two hard-working entrepreneurs, Donnie Wilson and Jeff Cantrell, were working in the oil fields of the Illinois basin, trying to clean up an oil pit with a skimmer that was picking up more water than oil. Frustrated, one of them made the comment that more oil could be recovered with a 5-gallon bucket than with the useless skimmer they were using. He threw a bucket into the oil. The bucket landed in the pit, spinning like a drum. Oil stuck to the bucket, leaving the water behind. It was a “Eureka” moment!

Wilson and Cantrell invented the first efficient drum oil skimmer. The rest is history.

Today, Elastec’s environmental products are distributed in 155 countries and include a variety of oil skimmers, containment boom, turbidity curtains, work boats, portable incinerators and industrial vacuum systems. We are an innovative, 100% employee owned company with a big mission, developing solutions to clean up surface water pollution, to keep our waterways clean. And, it all started with a bucket.

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